Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ok so maybe these places aren't really "new." And maybe they're aren't really "kray kray." And maybe I just said that because I've been trying to get the term "kray kray" to catch on as an alternative to "crazy" for a while and it hasn't taken as well as I expected. But I suppose they are relatively new to me and hopefully can add something fresh to your usual dining experience!


Now I know I often refer to things as being, "the shit." I also often say stuff like, you look up "the shit" in the dictionary you see a picture of this. And, this is so "the shit" that I'm embarrassed for everything else that ever existed. But this is "legit the shit." I'm talking hard core, bad ass vegan goods. There is a sentence you don't hear everyday. Not only do they do raw food that is in no way douche bag-esc only delicious. But they have a massive variety of stuff. This isn't all bean burritos my friends. The focus is on more asian style dished with such specialties as vegan Pho, yeah that's right you heard me. You can finally have Pho again. Plus a pretty sweet raw sushi platter and home made kimchi delights. They also venture to some new taken on old favorites like the raw burger with cashew bread, and raw lasagna (or rawsagne as they call it LOLZ) complete with cashew cheese. Actually come to think of it, they do a lot of banging stuff with cashews.
But the prom queen of the whole place has got to be the RAW GREEN TEA CHEESE CAKE! I hear the blueberry option is also pretty nice but I settled down and had 3 kids with the green tea one after one bite so never got that far. And best of all the people are not at all douche bags like at some vegetarian places *cough* Vegie Bar *cough*. In fact they're all super cute and helpful and will not make you feel awkward at all over all the questions about the wide variety of mock meats. Which although I categorically hate, I will lament and say their selection does seem less hateable than most. And maybe I almost thought about considering their Korean BBQ, almost.

Lasagna, so RAW!

Yong Green Food

(03) 9417 3338
421 Brunswick St Fitzroy

Open for lunch and dinner everyday except Monday.

Now I usually do my best to keep my rampant personal life out of the press, but I'll let y'all know that I recently moved north side, more specifically to Northcote. Before moving here I thought the best part of living in this are would be being surrounded by like minded hipster douche bags who think they are lesser douche bags for not living in Fitzroy but are in reality just the next evolution of post modern douche bag-ness. Turns out I was wrong. Well not about the douche bags, that I was totally right about. But about it being the best thing. Turns out a little local place called Veggie Kitchen is the best thing. Now the awesome thing about this is considering how amazing the food is, it's still pretty low key. You're usually get a table no stress and the take away is yet to take longer than 15 minutes.
But that's not what makes it so special, you see again straying from the usual Asian vegetarian food stables like stir-fried greens, these guys are actually doing some pretty amazing stuff with tofu. And they do it in pretty much everything on the menu.
Now the funny thing about vegetarian and vegans that seems to always surprise people, is that very few of us really indulge too heavily in this soy based snack. You see, we too see how gross it can be. But these guys take things to the next level by, get this, home making it all! Which ensures that it's not only way less processed than most, but that they also can change the textures and taste to compliment each dish.
The result, light, interesting and totally satisfying fare that always hits the spot and never gets boring!

Braised tofu, baked pumpkin, Tawainesse stuffed capscium and vegetable cutlet.

Veggie Kitchen

(03) 9489 2120
159 St Georges Rd Northcote

Open for dinner everyday!

The Worlds Most Bitchin’ Brownies.

It’s actually true. They are. I’m don’t even think I’m going to write anything funny here because the brownies speak for themselves. I will make an observation though. Some things are legitimately more delicious when made vegan. I personally prefer vegan pies, because they always have to seek out freaky good ingredients like weird mushrooms to stay legit. And the same goes for brownies. Well not in the mushroom sense. Well not here at least. A lot of vegan sweet things seem to replace animal products with more sugar and chocolate and bits and pieces. I’m not sure of the science. But I sure am happy with the results.


2 x 150g blocks of dark chocolate, as a general rule anything over 70% cocoa is usually dairy free, but remember to check
200g jam, I used strawberry but whatever you got around
1/4 C. soy milk
3/4 C. sugar
1/2 C. rice bran oil, this is my choice for cooking but any low flavor oil will do. Just stay away from the olive oil
2 t vanilla extract
1/2 t almond extract
1 1/2 C. flour
1/4 C. cocoa
3/4 t baking powder
1/4 t salt
Tub of strawberries roughly chopped, could use 1 C. of berries also

Your crew for this evening.

1. Pre heat the oven to 160

2. Melt one block of chocolate over a double boiler, or lacking that a metal bowl over a pot of water on the stove

3. Chop up other block of chocolate and set aside for now

4. In a large bowl mix your jam, milk, sugar, oil and extracts. Beat well to get all of the lumps out of the jam, you want it nice and smooth

5. Sift in all of your dry ingredients, mix well using a fork because the batter will be pretty thick.

White christmas. Almost.

6. Finally fold in your fruit and remaining chocolate

Whose a pretty birdie?

7. Pour into a brownie dish, don’t stress if it doesn’t fill the pan right to the corners, the batter will spread while baking

8. Bake for 45 minutes or until the top is soft but crinkly

9 Wait until cool, slice and enjoy! They’re pretty amazing warm with some non dairy ice cream but also keep awesomely for days.

TADAAAA! And remember, you don't have to be pretty to have it going on!

NOTE: The usual tooth pick test doesn’t really work here for letting you know if they’re cooked an account of all the chunks of melted chocolate. So you’ll have to go by sight. But don’t stress too much, soft brownies are always yum.