Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Aka me.
Aka Sorry that there hasn't really been any actual baking going on. Truth be told I've been surviving on your general romantic writer come retail workers diet. Cereal and cups of coffee. Nah don't worry I'm totally kidding. I'm more an empty taco shells and wine kind of a girl.
But one thing I do know, even if my culinary knowledge is ebbing away is how to eat out...LOLZZZZZ.
No seriously, here is another dinner suggestion for all you lazy with a side of binge eaters. Oh and this one is omnivore friends friendly too.

Tibas is a good old fashioned family restaurant. If your family was Lebanese and you ma was a hell of a lot better at cooking than mine. It's cheap, the food is awesome and the atmosphere is vibrant and warm. If you're anything like me and you like your food soaked in olive oil and everything with a side of pickles then you may just be in heaven wrapped in pita bread. The menu is extensive and includes all the stables such as every form of souvlaki, dip, salad and side you could ever need. All available in take away late into the night, the perfect plus one to a couple of beers. Just be aware that the place it's self is strictly no booze, selling or BYO-ing. And if you did decide to turn up, totally wasted and demanding your chips in your souvlaki you would not only be massively disrespectful, but alas, also a douche-bag.
But they have all this wicked fruit nectars and pomegranate juice so who needs anything else anyway right.
Now all this is great, but considering it's position on Sydney road one could argue that everyone nice, vibrant lebanese family restaurant can make the same claims, which is when I get to the heart of my point. The set menus.
Once again they do have pretty extensive meat options too, but lets leave that at the door. AND KEEP THE BLOOD OFF OUR HANDS. Ok for all the non vegans out there reading this purely out of friendly obligation, that was a joke. Focusing purely on the vegetarian option, for a small $13 you get: 2 pies (one is cheese and one is spinach but they are more than happy to give you 2 spinach if you are fromage free), dolmades, falafels, 3 dips (again one is dairy but you can ask for extra of the hummus and baba ganoush and skip the third), garden salad, tabouli and a chick pea salad, and some very darling fluro pink pickles. And if that wasn't enough every table is also provided with about a kg of pita bread for free.
Mix this heavenly offering with a guava juice, a side couple of sides (what's a bowl of wedges between friends) and I guarantee you'll walk out of there happy. Well maybe crawl. You probably won't be able to stand for the crushing weight of your stomach for a few days.
I can also highly suggest it for a first meal back after a big weekend, it brought all the good back to my body that Golden Plains took out.

Perfect food for sharing!


I'll have an order or bitchin, with a side of bad ass thanks.

504 Sydney Road
9380 8425

Open for lunch and dinner everyday sans Tuesday.