Saturday, November 21, 2009

A very sugary Christmas.

In my family we're really into Christmas. Christmas and food. And giving presents. And being sentimental. And traditions. So yeah you can see how Christmas really encapsulates a bunch of different pet subjects. But considering that we tend to be separated on the day by oceans and in-laws we usually have a sneaky faux day a bit early. So tonight is the night for us and it reminded me of a little trick my gran and my great aunty May used to pull. They always sugar frosted glasses for us to have fruit salad in before dinner. I'm not sure why. Or who started it. But it's just not Christmas without it. I always think about them and miss them at this time of the year and like to think they're keeping an eye on me while a make a big food dyed mess of the whole exercise. And probably fighting with each other over my technique.

First of all you're going to need an egg white, sugar, and the food coloring of your choice.

Then find yourself some pretty glasses or bowls. Dip in the egg, then sugar and finally the color.

The last bit can get a little messy so keep some towel handy.

And you're done! Now just fill them with fruit salad and when you're feeling the shame face after eating an unatural amount you can remind yourself that at least at some point in the night you ate something sort of healthy.

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