Sunday, March 21, 2010

Change is good, but notes are better.

So I’ve been off line and out of touch for a while now. Well in a blog sense. Not in a Facebook update 40 times a day to make use of all the funny calls I think of when no one is around, sense. But it’s been more than my busy 90210 life style that has kept we away from my favorite internet platform. No i’ve had rather a large lifestyle change. One that may at first seem out of line with my perceived love of food. I’ve become a raging anorexic...PSYCH. Not really, and sorry if you are a raging anorexic, best of luck in the future and all.
In fact I’ve become a vegan. A spasmodic vegetarian, sans the hotdog eating birthday, it wasn’t that much of a jump for me. And a few things have changed for me and I guess it’s only natural that they will filter down to this blog as well. Don’t worry I’m not going to start lecturing you all, I always said this was about celebrating food in all its forms, so rather than berate the things I’ve rejected, I’m going to celebrate those I’ve embraced, NUTRITIONAL YEAST ANYONE?
So with all huge life altering events the first thing you do is take stock of what’s important, and that’s exactly what I did. I bought every book about vegan cookies that I could find. I even made my mom bring some back when she was overseas. So from here on in the recipes and suggestions will flow free, just think it’ll all be as kind to our animal friends as it is to our swelling bellies. ENJOY!



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